About Jing


Jing Liu is a contemporary artist who works and lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her realistic style is truly a vibrant reflection of this beautiful coastal landscape and its colourful, awe-inspiring wildlife. As such, humans, environment and animals are the major themes explored in Jing’s artwork. 
As an outdoor enthusiast involved in hiking, climbing, kayaking, and skiing, Jing has always been intertwined with her themes, and has drawn upon a lot of personal experiences in her drawings and paintings. 
Art, however, has “occurred” to her life as a way of helping to express herself to deal with the complexities of being a single child in China. She has grown up with her art and her art has matured as her perspective on life and nature has matured. Through her childhood's artistic journey and her adulthood experiences, Jing has brought to life a style in representing live marine and mountain animals and landscapes that has a unique taste of colour and movement-conveying sense which is clearly visible in her work.
Although a self-taught artist, Jing has been exploring new techniques and perspectives to expand her artistic repertoire through contemporary literature on artistic expression and views. 
Jing works through a versatile range of media including pencil, charcoal, water-colour and acrylics…